Our Mission

Our Mission

To dramatically improve the outcomes and safety of cardiovascular care in hospitals and emergency care with transformative medical software, data science, and physiological modelling.

Clinical Focus

Our clinical focus is on patients undergoing anesthesia during surgical procedures, post-operative care and intensive care.

Our aim is to improve the stability and reduce the variance of key physiological variables, which are known to have a profound influence on outcomes and complications. Through this improvement our aim is to improve patient outcomes and have a marked reduction on healthcare costs.

Core Values

At Directed Systems, we pride ourselves on having a dedicated team that works together and drives the company from strength to strength. We believe in…

We employ smart people who know how to problem-solve to improve our products. Making mistakes is part of being human, but we believe they are something to learn from and often enrich development and nurture new ideas and ways to adapt to an ever-changing landscape that is software design

Every area of a business is interdependent on the success of the others.  Supporting each other is vital to a company’s success.  Find solutions as a team and value everyone’s ideas and views

We strive to empower work/life balance by allowing a flexible work environment.  Life is already complicated enough, so supporting flexible work practices is a must.

Personal accountability is important whether the outcome is a success or failure. Holding oneself to account is a strength and one that we value

Our reputation as a company and our relationship with customers and suppliers is of utmost importance to us and integrity and honesty is expected across all areas of the company.